You gotta give to get

Being my own boss and running a professional photography studio can be trying. Maybe you can relate that in our pursuit for prosperity, we can lose our true sense of purpose and become depleted in what our place in the universe. Laura and I took the opportunity to volunteer our studio's photography services to record and capture the moments of the San Luis Obispo County 2015 Special Olympics Games. What an exhilarating and profoundly thrilling experience! We spent the day first taking in the throngs of athletes and volunteers. Then the rising excitement led up to the Opening Ceremonies. After thousands of high fives and a lighting of the torch, there was the beginning of the games. To see athletes strive to achieve their personal best gave Laura and I such a sense of personal humility and courage that we were inspired by them and deeply admired their will. And, the laughter and camaraderie the pervaded and rose up from the track, pool and gym areas truly gave us chills of such appreciation that we are all in this thing together. This day and all the athletes who participated in it reaffirmed that we're all on the same side; even when competing next to others, struggling to stay ahead, or trying to accomplish some sort of goal. Laura and I am so humbly grateful for having had the chance to contribute our modest part to such a wonderful organization and awesome day!    


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